Finding YOUR way

Goooooood Mooooorniiiiinggggggg … How are you today? Well, how come that we very often let the opinion of one person rule our lives? Can you relate to that? When have we decided that this one persons opinion is more important than our own? Than that of somebody else? But most importantly … more than our …

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Lazy or Uninspired

Lazy or Uninspired?

Goooooood Moooooorniiiiingggggg … 😉 How are you today? Lazy? … well, number one: it is Saturday, so why not … number two: maybe it is like Tony Robbins said and we just don’t have really inspiring goals? What inspires you? And, much more important … are you inspiring to others? Be one or the other …

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Equinox – time for Balance and Transition

Hello my dear friends How are you? Now that we are having so much more light and warmth. Yesterday was Equinox, so we are now entering the phase where the days will become longer than the nights … yeay. The word Equinox is derived from the Latin “aequinoctium”, from “aequus” (equal) and “nox” (genitive noctis) …

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