What does success mean to you?

Wow … yessss … and … adding to that … (my mantra at the moment) … how much are you willing to fail?

How often will you stand up again after falling down?
How much have you learned from each fall and came back stronger?

It may have seemed hard at the time, in that very moment when you fell, and after that when you felt the pain. But do you remember when the pain went? When the anger slowly disappeared and you felt stronger than before? This is a strongness, and not a wrongness … every fall / failure carries a lesson / success … it is on you to learn from it and NEVER let it happen again …

In German we say … you fell? … adjust your crown (maybe cry and yell a bit – my addition to it) and get back up again … keep walking.

So don’t you EVER let anybody take that lesson / learning / success (fill in the word that is for you) away from you … EVER.

It may take time … it may happen right now … time is a construct … and it follows no rules … take your time … or grab it now … it is on you.

Have a fabulous Sunday.

Lots of Love,

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