HOW TO SLOW DOWN YOUR LIFE (1) – Mindful10 # 78 – your mindfulness reminder

Hi, I am Sandra and here is another Episode of Mindful10 … your mindfulness reminder.

Some of you told me recently that you don’t get anything done although you are so busy, that time goes by so quickly … and you wish you could slow down time … well, I think by now you know my answer about time … but how about slowing down your life? Would that be a possibility for you?

You may now say “well, Sandra, how to do that?” … hear me out … some of my tips are in this video here … the one I like most is … being present in the here and now … and take my example with the cup of tea or cup of coffee … go and practise it … are you really drinking that tea or coffee? Here and now? Or are you just skulling it down? Not even aware of what it really is you are “nourishing” your body and soul with?

Listen to my thoughts about this and then let me know what your thoughts are here please … come and follow me … down the easy path of mindfulness/awareness… and enjoy.

Have an awesome day!

Lots of Love, Sandra

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