Finding YOUR way

Goooooood Mooooorniiiiinggggggg … 😉

How are you today?

Well, how come that we very often let the opinion of one person rule our lives?

Can you relate to that?

When have we decided that this one persons opinion is more important than our own? Than that of somebody else? But most importantly … more than our own wisdom, knowledge, gut feel?

When have we made that decision and changed our lives to please others or live their lives or … you will have your very own answer to this … am I right?

And this is not about being right or wrong … this is about being aware of when I am making a decision that is my own and for my own good and probably also for the good around me … and when I am making decisions against my better knowledge, wisdom, gut feel and rooting on assumptions about what other people might want, think, feel …

What was your last decision about?
And what was it for?
For the greater good?
Just to please somebody?
How did it turn out in the long run?

And when was the last decision you made for your own good and probably also for the greater good?
How did it turn out in the long run?

You will probably see that a decision based on wisdom, knowledge and gut feel has in the long run the much better outcome … don’t you think so?

To make a decision based on other peoples thoughts, feelings, wishes may have a pleasant outcome in the short fun … but how did it play out in the bigger picture … in the greater scheme?

You are better than that … and you know it …

What you may need is Courage … if you need courage, first find Inner Peace … to find Inner Peace today, meditate with your back towards North East, facing South West … and ask / command for Inner Peace … do it … just do it … and let me know how it was.

Have an amazing day … and be who and how you are … this is what the planet needs right now …

Lots of Love, Sandra … 💞

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