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What is Reiki?

Reiki is passed through our hands. We can use it to strengthen ourselves or other people, animals, plants and even objects. From the 2nd Degree on, we can even send energy without direct hands-on over space and time.
The receiver determines how much energy he/she receives. An ‘overdose’ is not possible.
The universal life force always acts for the benefit of all.
After the attunement, the life energy flows for a lifetime. The more we practise Reiki, the more we learn and keep developing ourselves, the easier is the flow of energy.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki works on a physical, mental and emotional level. Nevertheless, each seriously ill person should not reject the school medicine, especially in an emergency.

The effects are for example:

  • greater well-being
  • strengthening your energy
  • strengthening the life force
  • more internal balance 
  • more or deeper relaxation
  • encouraging your creativity
  • elimination of stress effects
  • faster healing of your body by activating or enhancing your self-healing powers
  • more inner harmony


How old is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing art whose origin is unknown. Fifteen thousand-year-old cave paintings already show fragments of this technique. The healing by hands is mentioned in ancient Sanskrit Sutras 2500 years ago. It was considered forgotten for a long time. Towards the end of the 19th century, after long studies and meditations, this technique was rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk.
During a 21-day meditation on one of the sacred mountains of Japan, Usui felt a beam of light from the sky shining directly onto his forehead. In this beam of light, he saw the images and symbols. They burned themselves firmly in it. This is recognized as his divine initiation. In the following years, he practised Reiki and taught it mostly in Japan, from where its journey across the planet started in the second half of the last century.


Is there any rules to follow?

There are no rules as such, but principles of. These principles are supposed to help you find your path:
– Just for today – refrain from anger
– Just for today – do not worry
– Just for today – earn your living honestly
– Just for today – show love and respect to every living thing
– Just for today – live the attitude of gratitude


How is Reiki performed?

The person who receives the Reiki session will lie down (on a rare occasion can also be seated) with their clothes on. The Reiki practitioner will help them to get into a relaxing state. Then the practitioner will touch or hover over certain areas of the body, following his or her intuition of what is needed at the time. Depending on the degree and experience of the practitioner they will use some more experienced methods, but the outcome should always be a state of fabulous relaxation.


Is there any side effects of Reiki treatment?

There are some cases known where an ailment can become more acute for a short period of time, before getting finally better. This is like a tidal effect. Also, if an inconvenience is in a chronic state it first goes into a (short) acute state before the healing can actually happen. This should not take longer than 12 hours. Otherwise, you should see a doctor immediately, as there could be something else going on, nothing to do with the Reiki. Trust your body and know your pain levels. Always see a doctor if it is unusual to you.


What about the hand position during Reiki?

Yes, the beginner will learn the original hand positions. When working more and more with Reiki, you will then tune into your intuition and choose the positions the energy is guiding you to. Your intuition is the guide and the guide is your intuition.


What about Chakras?

Yes, the Chakras are an integral part of your Reiki path. Balancing, aligning and strengthening them is part of your education. The chakras can help you find your path, as they tell you about your strengths and where to learn and practise more. They are amazing pointers towards the next task.

Reiki can never replace medical assistance, especially not in an emergency


Is Reiki a religion?

Reiki is no religion and has nothing from Buddhism, nothing about Islam, is not Hinduism, nothing about a church neither Catholic nor Protestant, is not sectarian, and therefore no sect. And also, of course, no cult. It is not a belief system, nor a dogma or any particular doctrine.


Are there any negative effects with Reiki?

I know that some people fear they will “lose” energy when giving Reiki. It is not the case for two reasons:
One – giving and receiving is the same energy. While you are giving you are also receiving and filling your system up with the energy too.
Two – you are just the vessel who passes on the abundant energy which is already here within and around us.

Interested in learning more about Reiki?

Learn more about How I do Reiki here and feel free to contact me for more information or to enrol on a class. I’m here to help and usually answer within 24 hours. Look forward to chatting with you. Thank you.

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