Discover how to create clarity and stillness using 3 proven techniques of Mindfulness

… without having to sit still for hours every day, trying desperately to have no thoughts

In this LIVE workshop, you will learn 3 proven techniques that, if practised regularly, help you slow downbecome focused and be more effective again! Note in your calendar: November 2, 7.30 pm – sorry, you missed it … BUT


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24 Hour Sale – one day only

Always wanted to know what Feng Shui is all about? 

… without having to hang up crystals or changing the colour of your kitchen

In this LIVE 4 Session Feng Shui Course, you will learn all the basics you need to get started. What is Qi? What is Yin&Yang? How to use your Floor Plan as your Vision Board? What is your Life Gua Number is and what it can do for you, to help you to get clear on your goals and dreams. Sale starting soon. The journey begins on Wednesday, October 20th, 7.30 pm (NZT) online only. 

You will find more information and can sign up HERE!

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LIVE Alignment Feng Shui Workshop

Discover how to Align your Home with your Goals and Dreams to Achieve Clarity for your Future

… without having to hang up crystals or changing the colour of your kitchen

In this LIVE Feng Shui Workshop, you will learn how to use your Floor Plan as your Vision Board, what your Life Gua Number is and what it can do for you, to help you to get clear on your goals and dreams.

You will find the Workbook for the Workshop here!

How about you WATCH the video above and then BOOK your seat for this brand new amazing course – whether in the Group format or your individual VIP Ticket – you get to choose. Look out for the marvellous fast acting bonus – doors closing soon. Get your TicketHERE!

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Days until your LIVE Workshop "Alignment Feng Shui"

Hi, I am Sandra

I healed from “burned out”. Now I am enjoying life again, creating space for myself, making much better choices with clarity, focus and direction.

Let me share my message about my path of Feng Shui and Mindfulness with you.

If you want to learn how too 

  • create more, better and more nourishing space for yourself
  • make better choices
  • create clarity, focus and direction
  • stress less
  • create lasting and harmonious change
  • enjoy life to the fullest

you are in the right place here.

Are you curious? Then read on. 

Would you like to enjoy a 25 min complimentary discovery session with me?
Book HERE and I will make it happen. 

Want to book a full sessions with me? Have a look at my Menu what I have to offer. 

You can connect with me online nearly every day.
If you would like to meditate with me, consult me for Feng Shui or relax with Reiki with me in person, please contact me, I will be in contact and arrange something for once I am back in Tauranga.
Let’s relax and grow together. 

Need Answers? Get Clarity First!

If you think you will find your true nature or your passion by attending the next course, the next retreat or read another book by a  “New Your Times best selling author” – think again. You are the one who CREATES your reality. Get the tools, get to know yourself and then transform yourself – find YOUR UNIQUE path – finding YOU!

I Ching Reading

Need to know what action to take next? Find the answer in this 3000-year-old Chinese Miracle

BaZi Reading

Want to explore your nature? Your character? Your talents and skills? Then explore the 4 Pillars of Destiny of your Chinese Horoscope. For a first sneak peek watch my videos on YouTube - just click on the picture above!

Finding Your Path

Start your Journey to Emotional Freedom HERE with this 4-week workshop combination of Teaching - Coaching - Meditation

Want to learn what Feng Shui can do for you?

You can book my Course “Feng Shui – The Basics” online live with me – for yourself, your loved ones and your floor plan
(4 Modules, next start whenever you want available one on one)
Get all the basics you need to get started.

Get Clarity and Direction with Feng Shui

Book a  complimentary 20min Clarity Session HERE!

Attend in person at BloomCo, 262 Lakes Boulevard for $ 139

Yes, please info for Tuesday 4.30pm! HERE

Yes, I want to know about Thursday 11am! HERE

Attend online via Zoom for $89

Yes, please info for Tuesday 4.30pm! HERE

Yes, Thursday 11am online is what I want! HERE

Join one of my powerful monthly online Masterclasses to gain more insight into clarity, harmony and abundance

Feng Shui Masterclass

Mindfulness Meditation Masterclass

Looking for a way to slow down your life? Stopping the downward spiral?

If you think you need to DO something for that – how about you do less about it? How did working harder for you go so far? Have you tried establishing a mindful meditation practice with like minded people yet? Sometimes doing less with more fun is astonishingly easy. 

Start Making Sense

Mindfulness Meditation Class, Monday 6.30 pm online 45min

Private Sessions

Book 4 individual 50min Mindfulness Meditation Sessions with me - when you want, what you want, online

Start Making Sense

Mindfulness Morning Meditation, Thursday 9.00 am online 30min (currently not running)

Want to know what’s in store for you in 2024?

Get your Chinese Horoscope for the year of the Wood DRAGON
Once you know what’s ahead of you – it is much easier to navigate

Get Clarity and Direction from your BaZi / Chinese Horoscope

30 min Consultation


50 min Consultation
(Overview & Life Direction)


50 min Consultation
(Overview & Life Direction for 2 people) $140


Join My Academy and Become a Member of this Fabulous Course

Learn the Basics of Feng Shui – with this intensive Video Course. It contains 4 Modules, incl. Workbook and my ongoing support. All you need to know to change your life systematically and with ease.

$79 (lifetime access)

Check My Free Resources

You will find heaps of support for your transformation. This is an invitation to create and have fun while doing it. Just a few examples down here and many more to watch, listen & read.

Sandra on Couch

My Blog

Something for you to read or watch - about Meditation, Feng Shui and much more

A Taste of Meditation


A Taste Of Meditation - for you to get to know me and my meditations - for free


Don't have too much time and still want some inspiration? Here you will find it

Ready for a Deeper Change?

How deep do you want to go? Learn & master the skills you need to transform your life


Learn about Meditation, my classes and how you can join

Academy of Making Sense

Online Academy with Courses in Meditation, Feng Shui and so much more

Feng Shui

Learn how Feng Shui can make your life so much easier

Join My Academy and Become a Member of this Fabulous Course

Start Making Sense – your weekly online group meditation, the easiest way to establish a Meditation Practice and Routine, every Monday at 4.30 pm (AEST) / 6.30 pm (NZT), including access to the recordings. 

$38.00 / month (no classes on public holidays)

Contact Me​

I’d love to connect with you.

Connect via E-mail or via my empowering content:

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