Where are you right now?

Hello my Dear Friend,

how are you today? What are your plans for this summer? House sits are slowly coming up again for us, which means people start planning time off. Oh, yes, we are currently in the Hawkes Bay, back in Tauranga in November, yeay.

So how about you? Have you already planned something nice and exiting for your summer?

Or was 2020 so far exciting enough for you and you want just some peace and quiet at home? That is a great plan as well. You get to enjoy what you already have and that is a virtue actually.

That brings me to my topic for you today: Did you know? According to Beth A. Grant there are 4 states of Being:

Waiting – Striving – Wanting – Having

Where are YOU at the moment?

To go a little bit deeper, please let me quote her phantastic book:


Waiting is the state of being of stagnation or inertia. It is the energy of getting nowhere. It is the energy of staying put, procrastination, non-commitment or indecision — whatever approach works best to keep you in the status quo. When things aren’t coming together for someone in a Waiting state, their response is to wait for a better time or wait until they have more information or feel more “ready.”

Waiting isn’t about timing, though. It is really about intense fear of having what you say you want.


Striving is the state of being of trying but not quite having. A person in a Striving state is very action-oriented. They take so much action, in fact, that they can become burned out if they aren’t careful. They can’t understand why it seems so difficult to get what they want when they are working so hard to make it happen.

Striving isn’t about bad luck, though. It is really about control and a lack of faith.


Wanting is the energy of neediness. The Wanting spectrum is quite wide. It can range from minor discontent to very painful desperation and panic. People in a Wanting state often are highly motivated to get things shifted because this can be an acutely painful state of being to dwell in. If you are in a Waiting or Striving state long enough, eventually you will end up in a Wanting state.

Wanting isn’t about actually needing the thing you think will make you happier, though. It is really about a warped perspective, and the idea that something outside of you causes you to feel something.


Having is the energy of trust, knowing and confidence that what you want will be yours. Having is effortless. It is a state of allowing what is to be. It’s a state of faith and trust that what you want will eventually come to fruition. It’s pure contentment, regardless of what is going on outside of you and regardless of external circumstances.

Having isn’t about positive thinking, though. It is really about limitless beliefs, high self-worth, and deep faith.

So, again the question, where are YOU at the moment? Which stage?

Let me know where you are at please, so we can – together – work on how to get to the “having”, in case you aren’t already there. And if you are there, please let me know what your strategy or path was, and with your permission, I would like to share your success with all the other seekers of wisdom here.

And, yes, I will also share my path. It is just fair to make a confession here. I am there at times, but I am certainly still not there all the time. I doubt and question myself a lot. Well, that is who I am, and that is what makes my way of living, my point of difference – one choice at a time.

Wohooooo …

And … I also shared my last 3 Monday evening Start Making Sense Meditation Sessions with you on my YouTube Channel … 45 min of bliss and mindfulness … we are already at 125 sessions, can you believe it? More than 3 years now … wohooooo.

#123 Mirror World

#124 Expressing Truth

#125 Self Esteem

Just click on the link and it will take you to the recording.

Another wohoooooo …

here is my first NEW video for the new and upcoming Feng Shui Series

Spot on Feng Shui – What is Feng Shui? An introduction Part 1

The Feng Shui Newsletter will go out soon too. Let me know if you would like to receive that one as well.

Make sure if you are on Facebook to like “Feng Shui with Sandra”, so you will get notified when I go live.

And once the new Feng Shui YouTube Channel is up and running, you will get that link too. So happy to share my Feng Shui knowledge with you.

This is me for the moment, I am busy learning more and deeper about my Feng Shui, energy work and I am getting some awesome support for that … so let’s see what that brings up.

Have an amazing long weekend.

Lots of Love


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