how to slow down your life

HOW TO SLOW DOWN YOUR LIFE (2) – Mindful10 # 79 – your mindfulness reminder

Hi, I am Sandra and here is another Episode of Mindful10 … your mindfulness reminder.

Some of you told me recently that you don’t get anything done although you are so busy, that time goes by so quickly … and you wish you could slow down time … well, I think by now you know my answer about time … but how about slowing down your life? Would that be a possibility for you?

You may now say “well, Sandra, how to do that?” … hear me out … some of my tips are in this video here …

Today I want to encourage you to cross things off your to-do list … yes, cross them off … just do it … you either have done it … or won’t do it at all … if it has been sitting there for days or even weeks, you won’t do it anyway … just admit it … and cross it off …

And the second one … turn off the noise … make space for silence in your life … create the space … turn off the noise which isn’t necessary anyway … because you are not listening anyway … and if you want to listen, then listen … fully and completely …

Does that sound like something you can do? To help yourself slowing down?

Listen to my thoughts about this and then let me know what your thoughts are here please … come and follow me … down the easy path of mindfulness/awareness… and enjoy.

Have an awesome day!

Lots of Love, Sandra

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