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Mindfulness in Minutes

Announcement – Mindfulness in Minutes

Hello Dear Friends of the Monkey Mind how are you today? As promised in my last email, we are preparing a FREE workshop about how to stop the downward spiral, the worrying mind, taking back control over your life and emotions. Something most of you have told me you struggle with at the moment. You also asked me how I find …

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Have you “lost” your Motivation?

Goooooood Mooooorniiiiingggggg! How are you today? Recently I had some issues with my motivation. I started questioning nearly everything around (and within) me. Do you know that state I was in? And that quote by Brendon Burchard was a really good reminder of what that is really all about. Have you lost your focus on …

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Inner peace in minutes

Inner Peace in Minutes

Want to find your inner peace in minutes? – yes, you heard right, in minutes. With only a few minutes daily – ideally 5 to 10 to get started – you can change your monkey mind, your scatter brain, your memory … and what not … how? First you find the time to sit and just do nothing (Remember my Mindful 10 #69? Doing nothing leads to something? Exactly). Then …

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What is Meditation about?

What do you think “Meditation” is about?

Goood Moooorniiiiinggggg … What do you think “Meditation” is about? Is it about sitting still? Is it about having no thoughts? What is it about for you? For me it is about being still on the inside and outside … about giving and receiving … energy and answers … about some time for myself … …

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Equinox – time for Balance and Transition

Hello my dear friends How are you? Now that we are having so much more light and warmth. Yesterday was Equinox, so we are now entering the phase where the days will become longer than the nights … yeay. The word Equinox is derived from the Latin “aequinoctium”, from “aequus” (equal) and “nox” (genitive noctis) …

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