How I went from "burned out" to enjoying life again and now sharing my message with you.

Hi, I am Sandra. 

You want to know how I did that?

Got rid of old patterns, judgements and self destruction?

Well, it was quite a journey and I am happy to be able to share it with you. 

Sandra on Couch

I was born in Bavaria, Germany and “migrated” as a baby with my parents to Nuremberg in Frankonia (which is also Germany btw). I did the normal thing, went to school, was in an apprenticeship at a bank, went to University, became a teacher a trainer / coach / mentor, an IT Consultant and then …

Burnout hit me!!!!

The IT Consultant thing took a HUGE toll on me. It was great (especially the travelling bit) but it sucked out every energy I had … don’t get me wrong, I loved what I did … but that was actually part of the problem …

I had to re-invent myself … I needed a different path in life … something with purpose … something which was actually more “me” …

Healing and Transformation Path

For the next years my own Healing and Transformation was paramount and at this stage Naturopath School, Meditation, Reiki and Feng Shui crossed my path.

I have been practising meditation now since 2004, started with Reiki and Feng Shui shortly after. If you count autogenic training as a form of meditation than it’s even since the early 80’s 😊


Stefan eventually got a burnout too (he is so empathetic) and so we decided for a totally different approach … we left Germany for New Zealand!!!

We wanted more sun, friendly people, the sea, beaches and palm trees … so, we moved to Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty.

I decided early on (just one day into a corporate job in New Zealand) that I did not want to go back into this treadmill (what I learned is that what looks like a career ladder when you are in the system, actually turns out to be a hamster wheel once you are out of it – sometimes you just need to shift the perspective for a huge learning curve … did I say “just”?). Corporate offices and cultures are very similar … no matter where you are.

So … Meditation Tauranga came off the ground, growing slowly and organically. My services are Meditation classes & courses, Reiki & Reiki classes, personal coaching (or life coaching, although I don’t like this term) and Feng Shui consulting & classes. I had my webpage, my YouTube Channel and lots of classes at home.

After a while (ok, a few years) I managed to get lots of happy clients and students who enjoyed working with me … most of them I now call friends … 😊

BUT … yeah … again, another BUT …

We weren’t entirely happy … I really loved my business and my clients but Stefan still did similar things as in Greyland, commonly known as Germany. Stefan was still in a corporate job (managing projects) which was very stressful with a lot of working hours during the weeks and sometimes whole weekends … but this story is for him to tell 😉

We decided to join forces and bring my business onto an internet platform where I could teach and coach from wherever I was and also was able to reach and help more people…. and so was born …

It sounds easy but it wasn’t and isn’t (even with an IT guy in the family 😉 ). We had hours of discussions because I wasn’t convinced. I had offered online classes for a while, and most people still preferred the live Sandra version … so, going online completely – as a business? … COM’ON … Crazy….

As already followed guys like Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins, but on a content basis, never on how they do it online. So I also added following Brendon Burchard, Gabby Bernstein, MindValley and Hay House and others, to learn how they did it … and I could see that it worked for them … so … why not also for us?

In 2017 we decided to take our whole independence to another level. We packed all our stuff into storage and went house sitting. Two and a half years later, we are still house sitting and enjoying it. This journey brought us (so far) to places like Melbourne (various wonderful suburbs), Mackay, enabled us to do a Campervan Relocation along the East Coast of Australia (from Cairns to Melbourne), back to Tauranga, Beachlands (Auckland), and then Cairns and Kuranda (Queensland), Trinity Beach (Cairns Northern Beaches), Brisbane and the Hawkes Bay … (to be continued) … what’s not to like about it … yes, no security I hear you saying … but did we really have security before? … and even if … we felt our freedom was more important … and so far it is working out quite well … sometimes you got to jump to know …

Where to go from here? This year we are intensifying our work producing more courses for you. Courses that I have written and held over the last years, face to face in group sessions or one on one in Tauranga and before in Germany. I am so happy to now being able to share this work with you online … which means I can reach, help and serve more people than I did during the last 17 years … bring it on. 😊

The next topic on our wish list is to be able to attend and host more and more public events. Events, where people can share their passions, wisdom and knowledge. We are all connected and there are so many people out there who have amazing stories to share … I am looking forward to this step so much.

So, let’s see where this whole journey will take us. We have no idea and just enjoy the ride. If you bump into us in New Zealand, Australia, Germany or Sout East Asia – please say “Hi” … we love to meet new people and exchange thoughts on just about everything … and you know why? … Because …

He aha te mea nui o te ao?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
What is the most important thing in the world?
It’s people, it’s people, it’s people – Maori Proverb

What else do you need to know about me? I loooooove chocolate … and theatre (on stage and watching) and movies …  I call myself an outgoing introvert … I know it sounds contradictory, but this is how I see myself … I love to be on my own in silence, but I thrive and enjoy the company of wonderful people too. I love authentic people and could discuss various topics the whole night long over a nice glass of wine.

So, if you are not content or happy and you want to change your life, ask me how I did it. I am always happy to help.

Looking forward to connecting with you and getting to know you!

Love, Sandra

Loving Hands
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