I Ching – one of my favourite tools

If we only procrastinate long enough the answer will come to us … 🌺

Aren’t we just weird creatures to believe this? When we don’t know what to do next, to just watch Netflix or clean the kitchen (I wish) until we know what to do next?

What if there only was something (or someone) we could ask what is the next best right step?

Well, sometimes, when I don’t know what to do next, I meditate … and sometimes I just ask the I Ching, this 3000-year-old book of changes … 🥳

This book contains 64 Hexagrams, which contain all the possible answers and all the constellations. Each Hexagram is set up with 6 lines, which are either Yin or Yang, so there are 64 possible combinations.

And so I did last week … I had a burning question, and couldn’t find a “logical” answer … so I tossed 3 identical coins 6 times … and got my answer. And it made so much sense.

I also asked the I Ching 14 years ago whether it is of benefit for me to leave my home country Germany and move to New Zealand. And the answer was so clear, almost scary. 🌺

And 14 years ago, as well as last week, the answer was clear, precise and doable.

What do you want to know? Ideally, the question is asking for an action or an outcome. The more specific the question is, the better the answer will fit. 🌺

Is this something you can use? You can either do a reading with me or learn it yourself. Either way, it is an extremely useful tool.

Have a fabulous day.
Big hug, Sandra … 💞

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