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The only thing that is constant is change – Heraclitus of Ephesus

Welcome to Feng Shui

– or the Psychology of Living as I also like to call it.

Learn how to practise Feng Shui and create your place and space around you your way … give it the energy you need … let me know what you miss in your life and I will see what I can find. Arohanui, Sandra.

Based on ancient chinese philosophy, knowledge about Wind (Feng) and Water (Shui) will teach you more understanding of how life unfolds. There are rules and laws of energy, as old as this planet, and they help you understand your journey and where in your journey you are right now.

See below what I have to offer. Maybe some of it is for you.

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In-Depth Feng Shui - Video Course

Teacher: Sandra
Difficulty: Beginner
Style: Video Online Course
Time: 4 x 1hr
Start: Anytime
Investment: NZ$99

In-Depth Feng Shui - Coaching 1 on 1

Teacher: Sandra
Difficulty: Beginner
Style: Live Online Course
Time: 4 x 1hr
Start: Anytime
Investment: NZ$199

Declutter with Feng Shui (Decision, Decisions)

Teacher: Sandra
Difficulty: Any Level
Style: Live Online Course
Time: one-on-one anytime
Start: Anytime
Investment: TBA

Feng Shui (Home Buyers / Real Estate Professionals)

Teacher: Sandra
Difficulty: Beginner
Style: Live Online Course
Time: 4 x 1hr
Start: Anytime
Investment: contact me


webinar in-depth feng shui:

Do you have the feeling you are stuck in your life? Do you have the feeling the level of energy in your home could be higher? Then maybe this Feng Shui Course is something for you. I will show you how to raise the energy levels for you, your home and ultimately for your life.
This Feng Shui Webinar Basic Feng Shui is a 4 weeks course with all you need to know to start creating a harmonious home and life … for 4 mornings at 9.30am online via Zoom.
Module 1 – All about Feng Shui, Chi and Yin&Yang.
Module 2 – All about The 5 Elements.
Module 3 – All about The Bagua and your Floor Plan.
Module 4 – All about The Rooms of your Home.
You will get heaps of new ideas and the tools to put them into practise to harmonise, balance and create the home you always wanted. Inside and outside. First in theory and then with your floor plan.
You can visit from anywhere in New Zealand or Australia or …
If you should miss one class, a recording will be made available for you. How about that? Contact me for more information and I am happy to answer your questions. Let me know how I can help.

webinar chinese astrology:

Feng Shui Webinar Chinese Astrology is a 4 weeks course, but you can choose one Module over another or book them one-on-one. Maybe you only want to have some brief information, or you want to know more … or during the Astrology 1 you realise you would love to know more about it. You can book from week to week. Like the Basic Feng Shui Course this is online only.
Here some more information about the different levels:

Feng Shui Astrology 1 – basic knowledge about Chinese Astrology, (1h, $60).
Feng Shui Astrology 2 – you will receive your personal Chinese Birth Horoscope and I will teach you how to read it (1,5h, $120).
Feng Shui Astrology 2b – understanding your Child’s nature – Your child’s personal Chinese Birth Horoscope and how to read it (1,5h, $80, $30 for any further child, Feng Shui Astrology 2 required).
Feng Shui Astrology 3 – I teach you how to create Chinese Birth Horoscopes for clients (3h, $280) (Astrology 2 and Basic Feng Shui required)
Does that sound like something for you? Then let me know and we can have a chat about the details. You will see your path in life with different eyes and have a different view on things that happened in your past.

What my clients say …

I did the Feng Shui course last year and absolutely loved it.
Sandra is such an amazing knowledgable teacher and the course is so interesting. It’s so good to have a course like this available rather than learning from a book so ,If you need to, you can ask any questions you have and Sandra is certainly always happy to answer them. To this day I use what I have learnt in my home.
So so worth it, thank you Sandra!


Sandra’s Feng Shui course was great fun, as well as providing a wide range of topics and helpful ideas on how to enhance my living space and life in general. I have recently replaced my floor rug which looked like a hole in the floor with a thick shaggy pile and am eagerly awaiting any surprise results 😉



Tips & Tricks

Here are some helpful and easy to do Feng Shui Tips & Tricks. This will help you lifting the energy in your surrounding with just little changes. Little hint, don’t try them all at once. Pick one of them to start with and feel the difference. This will activate your senses and perceptions. Give it a try.

Make sure that all of your plants (especially in the house and the entrance way) are healthy. Plants represent health, growth and vitality. But if your plants are dead or dying, then … well, guess what they are symbolising.

Replace your broken light bulbs. Different areas of your living space represent different aspects of your life, so you don’t want to be in the dark in your wealth area, your relationship area, or your health area. Make sure you replace those light bulbs as soon as possible. Don’t wait too long until you see the light again.

Keep your mirrors clean, so that you can see yourself more clearly. And always be aware of what is doubled by your mirror … is it a load of crap? … or is it something nice? … then you will have double the joy … 😉

Make sure that you keep all of your knobs and door handles nice and tight. So you can handle things better.

Wondering why you are having trouble sleeping? Maybe it is because of all that stuff underneath your bed. Clear out the area underneath your bed. Just because you can’t see it does not mean that this negative energy does not exist. All of this stuff is within a few centimetres of your body for 8 hours a night. Clear out the area underneath your bed.

Make sure you can fully open all your doors. If there is clutter behind, get rid of it. You want to be sure that fresh energy can fully enter. And while you are doing it … also make sure they open without making any noises … the same appeals for the handles … a little bit of oil or butter at the right spot can help.

Keep your toilet lid down to protect you from all that draining energy. It has the power to draw your wealth and your health down the drain. Even western studies now claim that keeping the lid down prevents bacteria from spreading (especially while flushing). And why do you think is it called a lid?

Keep your main entrance door nice and clean. This is regarded as the mouth of the chi where it is entering your house. You don’t want foul … nah … definitely not. And avoid dead plants or sharp object there, you don’t want to threaten the chi or any potential guests.

This time we want to focus on the centre of the house (if you use a Bagua, it is the whole middle area, named Tai Chi). What is in the centre of your home? If it is your family room, perfect. But whatever you use it for, make sure it is nice and tidy, it represents your health and harmony. Always make sure it gets nice and fresh air and energy. Is there light? If not, create some, by candle, picture or by leaving the light on for a certain amount of time per day to energise it. So have a closer look at the centre of your home – at your health and harmony. Enjoy and be creative. Arohanui, Sandra


Feel free to contact us for more information or to enrol into a class. We are happy to help and usually answer within 24 hours. Please double check your email adress. Thank you.

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