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AWESOME!!!  Welcome to my Mindfulness in a Safe Space Webinar

Watch the short video below to learn how to get the MOST out of this upcoming training class!

AND – Just one more thing – please look out for the email that I just sent you (also check your spam folder and your promotion tab, too) and click on the confirmation link to confirm we have the correct email address.

Here’s What to Do NOW…

Please arrive one or two minutes early as we want to start on time and arrange for not being disturbed as Sandra will actually practice those different techniques with you.

And please don’t drive in your car or operate heavy machinery. This could reduce the outcome extremely 😊 😊

DON’T Miss This Upcoming LIVE and FREE Training Class!!!!

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Have a look into some of my meditation videos on my Youtube Channel…  Enjoy!!

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Embracing the New

Mindfulness in Minutes #1 of 4

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