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Want more harmony in your house? In your life? Something is not flowing and you can’t put your finger on it? Or you do, but don’t know where to start?

Then join us for a full day of Feng Shui, where we work on your personal 4 pillars of Success, Health, Relationship and Wisdom in Mount Maunganui (you will love the view from that place).

You will get your personal energy number and how to meditate and work with your auspicious directions. We will activate your Success, Health, Relationship and Wisdom. You will know what colour, form and object is good for you to have in which direction; in which direction to sleep, in which direction to meditate and in which direction to work. You will know how to use basic Feng Shui to improve your life instantly. Get started with me.

We start by slowly settling in from 9am for a 9.30am start.

You will then receive your personal energy number (for this I need your birthdate beforehand) and a short introduction into Feng Shui. You will receive material to take home with you all you need to know for this day of fully immersing yourself into the energy of harmony.

You will learn techniques to Space Clear and to activate the 4 pillars of Feng Shui in your Home and space around you. (You will need to bring your floor plan, or at least draw the outline of your house. The more accurate, the better. We will also need the directions North/ South on the plan.)

By realising more and more during the day what it is that you would like to manifest, we are using meditation techniques and visualisations for you to actually be the creator of the change you are looking for.

When you leave you will know what to change, when to change and where to change it in your home and environment. How does that sound to you?

$275 incl. Tea/Coffee, Snacks & vegan Lunch

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