Invitation to our FENG SHUI Masterclass

Let me show you how to enhance the flow in your home and your life. The flow of energy, the flow of harmony … 

This months Feng Shui Masterclass at The Academy of Making Sense ...


I would like to invite you to a Free Masterclass about Feng Shui.

This Philosophy has taken the world by storm, and there is a reason for it. 

The main topic this month is

  • Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere

What does the difference mean for me and my Feng Shui?

The Southern Hemisphere has one big difference to the Northern Hemisphere - The Sun is in the North and the Cold comes from the South ... but the sun still rises in the East and sets in the West ... so how does that influence my Feng Shui? Let me show you ...

I want you to experience why Feng Shui is so successful and why you will become more successful with Feng Shui. 

Learn from my 15 years of studying, teaching and practising of Feng Shui. 

If you know me, you also know that my Feng Shui is a bit different from others. 

And if you don't know me yet … book this Free Masterclass and get to know me. 

You will be live with me for about 45 minutes and you will also get  the recording afterwards. So you can watch it anytime you like. 


See you in the Masterclass on Zoom

at 17/03/2020, 7.30pm.  



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