Equinox – Nature in Balance

Hello my Dear Friends Today (March 20) is Equinox, the day where night and day have exactly the same length, are in perfect balance. The day where the sun stands exactly over the Equator (well, technically speaking the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the geometric center of the Sun’s disk, but who’s counting?). The big lantern …

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Inner peace in minutes

Inner Peace in Minutes

Want to find your inner peace in minutes? – yes, you heard right, in minutes. With only a few minutes daily – ideally 5 to 10 to get started – you can change your monkey mind, your scatter brain, your memory … and what not … how? First you find the time to sit and just do nothing (Remember my Mindful 10 #69? Doing nothing leads to something? Exactly). Then …

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Sandra at BloomCo

You can book me now Tuesdays in Tauranga

Would you like to enjoy a 25 min complimentary discovery session with me?Message me on and I will make it happen.  Want to book a regular session with me? Have a look at my Menu what I have to offer.  You can connect with me online nearly any day.If you would like to meditate with me, consult me for Feng Shui or relax …

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What is Meditation about?

What do you think “Meditation” is about?

Goood Moooorniiiiinggggg … What do you think “Meditation” is about? Is it about sitting still? Is it about having no thoughts? What is it about for you? For me it is about being still on the inside and outside … about giving and receiving … energy and answers … about some time for myself … …

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What is Yin & Yang?

Hello and Welcome my dear friends to my program “Spot on Feng Shui” My aim in this series “Introduction to Feng Shui” is to explain to you the basic principles of Feng Shui. But not as you find it in the books, more with practical examples This series “Introduction to Feng Shui”is designed for beginners. …

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Book to Change

Name a Book that changed your Life

Goooooood Mooooorniiiiingggggggg … How are you today? What have you been reading lately?Something inspiring?Something funny?Something that made you think, ponder, meditate? Share with us if you have a good tip for a great read in the upcoming holidays … fiction, non-fiction … all is welcome … What am I reading at the moment? I just …

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