Feng Shui Newsletter June 2021 – Period 9

how are you today? How is your Monkey Mind? And how is your Orderly Chaos?

Did you watch the Declutter Video I gave you in the last Newsletter? Here is another one, you may also like:

As I mentioned in the General Newsletter last time, doesn’t it seem like time is speeding up? Of course, that is only a subjective view, slowing down is more necessary than ever.

And that is not only because of how much more the world is connected and interwoven, but – according to Chinese Metaphysics – also because of the approach of changing to Period 9 in 2024, which has already started to be palpable since 2017.

So, what is this “Period” thing then? You may ask.

Well, in the Feng Shui System of the Flying Stars, we go through different periods of 20 years time, in which the stars do change. So, this is the reason why we need the “birth-year” of the house to come to a truly helpful analysis of the areas of your home.

And in 2024 we will change from Period 8 to Period 9.

So, what will change? That might be your next question. The system is based on the quality of those stars. So, Star 8 is an Earth StarStar 9 is a Fire star. The quality will change from earthy, grounded, solid, immobile to fiery, quick, fast, loud. Also, Star 8 favours the younger man, as Star 9 favours the middle-aged woman. Have you noticed how many countries are lately lead by a middle-aged woman? And how many startups and rising stars in the last 20 years belonged to younger men? Just saying.

Do we have to prepare for that?

Well, in my opinion, yes. We have to be prepared for things speeding up and being more disconnected than before. Remember Period 7 (1984 to 2004)? With Star 7, Dui? The lightness, fun, easiness? What a difference, right? Star 8, Earth has always also been about connecting, and that might just be the biggest difference we already become more and more aware of. Fire can light the way and bring people together, but it all depends on the quality of the element – this is the important point here. Too much can burn you. Fire is also technology, so that will become even more important in our lives, which you may have noticed during the lockdown already.

So, you can buy into it and engage with new technology or not, it is your choice. I personally think living the balance is the important thing here. Me, being Geng Metal as my (weak) Day Master, of course, loved the Earth Era and have to be careful with the Fire to come. Balance is everything. Or choose your toxins wisely and use them in smaller doses, as I always love to say.

Do you have to make changes in your home? Not necessarily, but that is a discussion for another time.

Interested in the Flying Star System? Want to know more?

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And if you are interested in how to improve your (home) office, this video might be for you. I also talk about the Southern Hemisphere and more tips for business Feng Shui:

Well, this is me for now.

Have a fabulous day, week and life.

Big hug,


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