Have you “lost” your Motivation?

Goooooood Mooooorniiiiingggggg! How are you today?

Recently I had some issues with my motivation. I started questioning nearly everything around (and within) me. Do you know that state I was in? And that quote by Brendon Burchard was a really good reminder of what that is really all about.

Have you lost your focus on what really matters to you?

I certainly did at some stage. Sometimes all that is happening around us is just so overwhelming that we ditch (for various reasons) what we really really want and just buy into other (peoples) stuff. And that brings us away from our real path and therefore our destiny.

So, I had to get my a**e down and meditate on it – and there it was – yes, I had lost focus – and yes, I was not sure anymore what was important to me.

How did that happen? Well, is it important to know that? NO – that is just another distraction, justification, blame game. So ditch that one right now, please …

So what is important to you? What really really matters to you?

When you sit and meditate, when you let your thoughts just pass through, which of them do stick? And after you let them go, what comes up next.

So, the goal (if there is one) is to let all the thoughts that come up just pass through and watch them … like a movie … and at one stage you will get the theme of your movie … you will then get which scenes are really important … and then after you let all those superficial thoughts pass by, you come to the bottom of the iceberg … to the goal behind the goal … the wish behind the wish … what is really important to you … what matters … don’t guess what it might be … sit your a**e down and contemplate, meditate on it and let it all just pass through … that might take a while, yes … and only if you feel that peace and contentment … that is when you are getting to the bottom of the iceberg … once you have let go of all the emotions and attachments, the excuses and lies you are telling yourself … then … and only then … you will get clarity … sounds complicated? It so not is.

What do you need to do? Sit down and let it happen … stop the excuses and distractions and just listen … listen to your body, your mind and your soul … listen … listen intensely … this is where the answers lie … inside of you … often buried in other s**t … but you can be certain that it is there … listen and find it …

And have fun doing so … cry, scream, shiver … whatever is necessary to let it go … laugh, dance, feel the joy … whatever is necessary to let go … but have fun doing it … release and let go … of all that is not important (anymore) … and embrace and welcome all that matters to you …

Thinking of you right now and sending good vibes.

Lots of Love & a biiiiiiig hug


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