Equinox – Nature in Balance

Hello my Dear Friends

Today (March 20) is Equinox, the day where night and day have exactly the same length, are in perfect balance. The day where the sun stands exactly over the Equator (well, technically speaking the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the geometric center of the Sun’s disk, but who’s counting?). The big lantern is leaving the Southern Hemisphere and welcoming the summer into the Northern Hemisphere.

This day, just like its sisters Winter Solstice (June 21), Spring Equinox (September 23) and Summer Solstice (December 21) is the perfect occasion to celebrate, ponder, meditate on the changes and the balances in life.

Nature is in perfect balance, whatever mayhem humans produce on this planet. Seasons do come and go, on a regular basis. Nature knows that change is inevitable and balance is part of it. Both coexisting at the same time.

So, I invite you to contemplate/meditate on this day what does balance mean to you? Where do you need more of it? What does it mean to you, now that the days are getting shorter and the nights longer? More darkness, less light.

Traditionally it also means more resting, at least nature is utilizing it that way. So, where can you get or do you need more rest in these times of less light? Where can you find your inner, and maybe also outer light in the season of darkness?

What is your source of light and rest? And where do you find it? What is nourishing you in the times of darkness?

Some wonderful topics here to go into the silence and ponder upon. Don’t you think so?

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy whatever life throws at you at the moment … it is what it is … and it is for you.
Big hug, Sandra

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