Inner peace in minutes

Inner Peace in Minutes

Want to find your inner peace in minutes? – yes, you heard right, in minutes. With only a few minutes daily – ideally 5 to 10 to get started – you can change your monkey mind, your scatter brain, your memory … and what not … how?

First you find the time to sit and just do nothing (Remember my Mindful 10 #69? Doing nothing leads to something? Exactly). Then slowly become aware of your breath and how this feels. The breath itself. The movement that comes with the breath. And just observe every single in breath and out breath, in breath and out breath. Just observe it. When you find yourself being distracted by something – sounds, feelings, thoughts – this is all good, this is part of the journey. Bring your awareness back to your breath. Every time. Maybe practice at the same time each day. Maybe at the same place, whatever works for you. 

Do you think you can do that for 5 min per day? Always bringing yourself back to your breathing when you find yourself being distracted? After just a few days already you will feel the difference, it becomes easier and easier. And then there will be this one day, when it will be harder again. Yes, those days exist, as if you wouldn’t know that. Then just stay with the practice, be kind to yourself and watch the breath as good as you can.

For today – for now – all is well.

After a few days you will become aware of the sounds around you. And just like when you were observing your breath, you are just observing those sounds. They come and go. Some stay longer, some stay shorter. And when you are observing after a few more days you begin to realise those sounds happen, whether you do something about it or not. They are not about you, they just are. So you can let go your attachment to them and just be. With the sounds, with your breath, with your thoughts, with your feelings.

Does that sound like something you would like to experience?
(You know that you can book a private one on one meditation session with me, right?)

To get started, please also watch my Mindful10 #76 Why is Meditation hard? And is it really? This might help too.

Let me know if that was helpful.

I would love to hear from you.

Have an awesome day, Sandra

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