right or wrong

What if there were no right or wrong?

Gooooood Mooooorniiiinggggg … 😉

How are you today?

What do you think?
Am I right about this?
Or wrong?
Or is it just what it is?

The judgment of others and ourselves costs us so much energy and it leads to nowhere. As we are just applying other peoples judgements, which we adopted, to others or ourselves. So we keep on hurting us and others. For what? What do we gain from that? Approval? From whom?

So, is it worth it?

Or do we gain much more if we simply take what is for what it is and learn to love us and others for what we / they are? Accepting and loving them and us with all our quirkiness, weirdness, spots and all … no right or wrong … just IS.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Big hug, Sandra … 🥳

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