Year of the Ox

The Year of the Ox and the Flying Stars

As we now have transitioned into the Year of the Ox, the Stars have changed and it is time to become aware of the movements in your home. Feel into what is present. What has changed over the last month? Some more tension? Some more ease? Your children suddenly choose to play, sleep, read in a different area? Children are so sensitive to changes. So, please let me know if you would like to hear more about the so called “Flying Stars” … this could become a series. More advanced stuff, yes, but not really hard to comprehend, once you can look behind it.

The South for instance is this year the area of Self Improvement, Career and Communication. Please don’t mix it with the Bagua System. Those are two completely different systems. So, it is a good sector in your home to read, learn, study and work. You can add Wood element to that area if you wish. If your entrance is in that are then this could be an important topic this year.

Do you find that interesting?

Let me know in the comments if that is of interest for you, so I will write more about this.

Have an amazing day and enjoy the summer

Lots of Love, Sandra

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