Transitioning with Gratitude

Transitioning with Gratitude?


This might be for you, whether you are interested in Chinese Metaphysics or not.

Tomorrow (February 4) is the first day of the new year (not the lunar new year, which is on February 12) and tonight at 10.58pm is the transition from the Rat into the Ox year. Some Chinese tradition says to deposit money into the bank account on that day, so they will have money the whole year. Well, yes, why not, but I have another suggestion for you to deposit something to benefit from the whole year.

How about you deposit some gratitude?

2020 may have been difficult for most of us, but undeniably it also had its good moments, right?

So, how about you take some time today before the transition and take note of your accomplishments, your magic moments and reconnect to the joy and laughter you feel when connecting. May they be big or small is not of concern, the joy it gives you to acknowledge these moments, that is the barometer here.

Do this before we enter the new year. Centre the energy and feel the gratitude. Take what is good and transition that with you. Moving forward to the year of the Metal Ox.

On the same note, one more remark. The greatest gift you can give to yourself is being the master of your own mind. Transcend your conditions and circumstances with the help of your ability to calm your mind and have inner peace. That is an extremely powerful state to be in. Don’t let all the external factors affect you.

Work on your own mental stability.

That is the best deposit you can do for yourself and everybody around you. If you need some tips, let me know. I am here.

Enjoy the transition into a new year.

Lots of Love, Sandra

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