What is Feng Shui about?

What do you think “Feng Shui” is about?

Goood Moooorniiiiinggggg …

What do you think “Feng Shui” is about?

Is it about moving furniture around?

Is it about improving and moving the energy around you?

Is it about hanging up crystals?

Is it about chaos and order and decluttering?

What is it about for you?

For me it s about moving energy and moving it the way it flows … it is about knowing when there is an obstacle and knowing how to work with it and not just around it … it is about knowing where my strengths and weaknesses are … and working with them … some days, some months, some years it is harder to work on this one weakness or this one strength … and sometimes it is just so easy … it seems ridiculous … for me it is about knowing what could be harder this month, this year and not being surprised when it works out perfectly … knowing my boundaries and knowing my limitlessness … and also about my favourite colours … ok, that too … for me it is about ME AND MY PATH in life …

This is some of what Feng Shui is for me …

What is it for you?

Have an amazing day and looking forward to your angles of this topic.

Love, Sandra

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