What is Meditation about?

What do you think “Meditation” is about?

Goood Moooorniiiiinggggg …

What do you think “Meditation” is about?

Is it about sitting still?

Is it about having no thoughts?

What is it about for you?

For me it is about being still on the inside and outside … about giving and receiving … energy and answers … about some time for myself … time for reflection … time for nothingness … time for connecting with the earth … time for giving to others what I wish I had … time for silence … time for peace … time for … whatever is present right now … this can also be anger, jealousy, critic … and listen to it … what is it telling me? … what is it teaching me? … how can I grow from this? … how can I move on from this?

This is some of what Meditation is for me …

What is it for you?

Have an amazing day and looking forward to your angles of this topic.

Love, Sandra

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