What is Yin & Yang?

Hello and Welcome my dear friends to my program “Spot on Feng Shui”

My aim in this series “Introduction to Feng Shui” is to explain to you the basic principles of Feng Shui. But not as you find it in the books, more with practical examples

This series “Introduction to Feng Shui”is designed for beginners. But even if you are an advanced practitioner, maybe you also find something in here. I personally find it amazing how much deeper insight I gain when I, from time to time, take one of the beginners books or series to hand and have a little read through.

Every teacher has a different angle to offer. So, let’s get started.

Today I would like to explain to you the whole idea of Yin and Yang within an example.

There 2 types of unhappy people (well actually there can be 4, but for the sake of explaining Yin and Yang, I would like to start with the and we come to that later).

There are people who have dreams and never take any actions whatsoever at all;

And then there are people who are running around and taking one action after another without having a dream or a plan.

The Dream is the Yin, there is no action and all thought.

The Action is the yang, all action, but no dream or plan or purpose.

So who of the two will get sooner towards their goal?

None of them, right?

You can’t reach one without the other. There is no right or wrong, there is just ONE, the Yin and the Yang who together build the Chi, which you need to pursue your goals and grow.

Want to know more? Have a listen to my video and let me know your thoughts.

Have a wonderful session and an even more wonderful day. Love, Sandra

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