Book to Change

Name a Book that changed your Life

Goooooood Mooooorniiiiingggggggg … 😉

How are you today?

What have you been reading lately?
Something inspiring?
Something funny?
Something that made you think, ponder, meditate?

Share with us if you have a good tip for a great read in the upcoming holidays … fiction, non-fiction … all is welcome … ❤

What am I reading at the moment?
I just finished a book called “Joy of Business’ (non-fiction, obviously … or not? … 😉 ) and one about BaZi Profiling “Yang Metal” (you would probably find that boring) … 😉

And am just pondering what the next one will be … “Training the mind of the Samurai” or “Declutter” or … there is still a box with books to come, so let’s see …

What are you reading at the moment?
And what do you consider THE book which changed your life … which in my case probably will be somewhere in between Eckhart Tolles “NOW” and the “I Ging / I Ching” as a grown up … and as a child definitely “Pippi Longstocking” …

So, how about you?
Share with us … would love to hear about you.

Have an amazing day, an even more amazing week, and keep cool … you know how to make this your calmest Christmas ever … and if not yet, ask me … or come to my workshop tomorrow (Tuesday), 7pm at BloomCo, The Lakes.

Lots of Love, Sandra … 💞

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