Winter Solstice Return of the Light

Winter Solstice – the Return of the Light

Dear Friends,

We are celebrating the longest night tonight … the return of the light from now on here in the Southern Hemisphere… and we were also having an eclipse … what a potency, right?

Time to reflect and let go of what isn’t serving us anymore. Getting ready for this new start, for this new time.

Maybe you want to do that tonight already? But for sure tomorrow around 9.43am, when the solstice is actually happening and the light starts coming back to us … maybe do some journaling or meditation or reading and find out what of the last 12 months (or even 6 months) you would like to leave behind and what you want to take with you into this second half of 2020.

Finding a way to create with even more lightness, ease and joy in these coming months of this interesting year.

In Chinese Metaphysics this June is a challenging time and it will also be challenging in December again, where we will experience another eclipse. So we have 5 months to evolve and let go of baggage. Oh what interesting time we live in, right? Whatever that means for you is exactly that.

Take some time to ground yourself and trust your intuition. What is right for you is not necessarily right for your neighbour or your best friend. Let those differences in our points of view not separate the human being in all of us. Let your light shine and see if somebody else is taking it on, or sharing theirs with yours … despite or even because of all your differences … but don’t let them divide you. We all are one. And we all just want the light to return. We sometimes just have different ideas on its shape or the vessel it comes in … but our all wish is for light and love, isn’t it?

Please also share a light with those we have lost and for those who have lost loved ones.

So take your time this week to embrace the light coming back. As the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the shortest night and the light leaving them from now on. Let’s all shine our lights for all of us … every single one of us matters … every single one of us shines different … and as long as we shine in love and compassion … we are stronger and brighter and lighter … let’s not forget that … we are … what we are … and we all are needed right now and here.

Let’s get ready for a very interesting second half of the year.

And let me know if I can help you in any way.

Lots of Love,
Sandra … ⭐️

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