We don't know how to

We don’t know how to act our age …

Gooooood Mooooorniiiingggggg … ;-)

Well, every day is a new day, right?

And yes, I also have no idea how to act like my age … new day … new journey … new week … new place to live (back at the Mount … yeay) … new hair colour … just wait, until you see it … hahahahaha

What does this new day … this new week bring for you?

Which changes are you looking for?
Which changes are you fearing?
And what is the difference between those two?

Please think, contemplate, meditate about it … it is worth exploring … is your fear a natural reaction? Or is it something from your past? Is it something from the outside (society, friends, family)? Or does it really come from you?

Back in our tribal past change was something to fear … but is it still?

Change has brought us progress … ok, we can debate wether all of the progress was good or not … but without change there wouldn’t any progress at all … is it scary? sometimes … but isn’t it also exciting?

So, again, explore where this is coming from … and be amazed about what you will find … what you will uncover … what you will re-learn.

Enjoy and have fun while playing with it.

Have an amazing day

Lots of Love,
Sandra … 🌸

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