Growth is uncomfortable

Growth is uncomfortable …

Goooood Mooooorniiiingggggggg … 😉

How are you today?

Now that we are in Level 2 … let’s see what awaits us … kindness … love … compassion … passion?

What is it you are craving for? Haircut? Beach? Coffee?

Or maybe the retreat has taught us other values … other preferences … your choice …
I have been to buy groceries yesterday … and it felt already like before … and not in a good way … people start rushing around already again … can we please keep the peace of mind for a bit longer?

And because I walk my talk I know it is on me to keep that going … it is me who started to become impatient again seemingly and so I have to ask myself all those questions that I asked you in the beginning of this post …

And you?

What are your thoughts in this?

Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear.

Love, Sandra … 💞

PS Oh, and btw … Chakra Balancing Meditation Workshop coming up soon … live and in person at the Lakes … due to Level 2 only 9 seats available … 2 already booked … contact me for more info.

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