favourite conspiracy theory

My Favourite Conspiracy Theory

Goooooood Mooooorniiiingggggggg … 😉

How are you today?

I have slept so well the last nights it was wonderful … how about you?

I truly believe that our thoughts create our reality … so what are you creating today?

You know how they used to say, be careful what you wish for? I think it is the same principle … only that we accept jinxing things and creating bad things to happen so much better than being able to create the future we really want … weird … isn’t it preposterous?

So, what would you like to create now?

I think we have the chance now to actually act on what we want … to find the like minded people we need to become stronger and start acting like this world is already here … don’t enforce the negative wishes and power lusts … say, think and create what you truly desire … because what you don’t want you already know, right?

So, again … my favourite conspiracy theory is that everything is going to be … actually … more than ok … we will use this chance to rectify the detours we took … which we probably needed to learn … and use this knowledge to make life better … there are so many people out there who are happy to help you … I have seen it yesterday again … miracles happen … they do … 🥳

Would you like to produce one?
Well, start now … by smiling into yourself … at somebody else … and let the miracles begin … 💞

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the wonderful sun.

Lots of Love,
Sandra … 🌸

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