This Too Shall Pass

What do you need today?

I needed to be reminded of this

“This too shall pass”

and I am so grateful having listened to a talk by Marianne Williamson this morning, who reminded me of exactly that (amongst other beautiful thoughts) … exactly that.

Somehow in this Groundhog Day scenario that we are living in at the moment (this is how it feels for me) I have forgotten that this too shall pass … and reminded me also that stressing out is
a) not helpful and
b) the worst when you feel there is no end in sight …

But this too shall pass … nothing is forever … and we all know that … we just forget from time to time … why do we fear the end of enjoyable things but deny the possibility of the end of unpleasant things? Interesting, isn’t it?

So, after we have established that there will be an end to this situation … this brings me to the insight of more important questions …

How do I want to come out on the other side?

What kind of world do I want to live after this period of retreat?

What do I have to change in me to see the change in this world?

How can I serve to make this world a better place?

Because … in my humble opinion … we can’t just go back to shopping and consuming and so on as if nothing had happened … I think we all agree that the world we have left behind wasn’t our ideal world, right?
So, what world do YOU want to create?
What is it YOU want to change?

And maybe we all want the same … so the more we are … the stronger we are … the more passionate we are about what we LOVE … the stronger our light will be … which ultimately makes it easier to find the way out of the darkness, right?

So, please let me … let all of us know … what needs to change in you? … what needs to change in this world? … for you to become the ideal world, we are all looking forward to …

I am waiting for your suggestions and passions and love to create this new world together.

Have an awesome day
Lots of Love
Sandra … 💞

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