Believe in what you want so much that is has no choice but materialise

Gooooood Mooooorniiiiinggggggggg … <3

How are you today?

Well, I had some really deep shit (excuse my language) coming up last week … but not it is out … and I am feeling soooooooooo much better.

How about you?
How was your last week?
Please feel free to share and rant in the comments … because I know that I am not alone in this … and also not alone in deep shit coming up … it is time to clear it … once and for all …

So, now that this is out … I feel so much better in the here and now … so much better … I feel much more alive now …

How do you feel?

So, instead of bitching and moaning (me last week, I totally confess) about what is … meaning … only seeing the supposedly bad and wrong that is happening … how about CREATING what we want to have …

Did you do the meditation yesterday?
I decided to do my own, but at the same time as everybody else … I visualised love, peace and harmony for all us us and the planet … and it felt amazing … I saw the streets with harmony … people helping each other … I saw people in harmony with nature … and that feeling was amazing

This is the world I want to live in … so, why not create it? Keep the vibration up … and keep believing that it is possible … because it is … I truly believe it … so let’s see what we can create …

Keep seeing the beauty … keep seeing the harmony … keep seeing the frustration and letting it out … because only if you let it out … you will realise why you were frustrated in the first place… because you LOVE life and you LOVE yourself … turn your frustration into LOVE … and into action to bring all this to the light … feel the energy that is captured and capsuled in the frustration … let it out and turn it into LOVE … the LOVE for everything and everybody … turning on your compassion, your gratitude and your bliss … how about that for positive Alchemy???

You can do this … I do believe in all of you

Have an amazing day, enjoying life in the here and now

And see you soon
Sandra … 🌸

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