Your Inner Child

So, why am I so adamant about working with my Inner Child?

Well, she (or he) remembers why we are here.
She (or he) knows about our fun and silly parts (which I love, but had a time when I forgot about it)
She (or he) knows about our wounds and how we received them (which makes it easier to forgive)
She (or he) is us … she (or he) is part of what we sometimes like to suppress, which does not make it better.

There comes a time in our life when we really really should look at this part … at the shadows … and at the light … one can not exist without the other.

And, believe me, laughing together with her (or him) is so great … OMG … it makes my heart opening up just thinking about it.

Love yourself … love your inner child … love all the inner children out there … and you will feel the change … so be the change … 

Have a look into this episode of Mindful10 that I did recently … maybe it is something for you.

And if you are ready … ask me how to get in contact with her (or him) … how to work on the forgiveness part … how to integrate her (or him) and become whole again … 

Lots of Love,
Sandra … 🙏

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