Our actions determine who we are

Gooood Mooooorniiiiiiinggggg … 

I saw this quote a few times this week and I think it is brilliant.

Why do we have to look or act like something or someone else … this is somebody else’s perception … an image … an illusion …

We are who we are … it is not enough just to look or act like … that is pretending … you need to be it … and be whatever you want to be … be whatever you feel you are … you know, like the dance like nobody’s watching attitude … 

We are what we live … we are what we do … our actions, not our words determine who we are … and what we do determines our life … our words are just words, unless action follows … we have seen it this week … only actions have the capacity to bring change into this world …

So who do you want to be?
And what actions do you have to take to live it?
Not be become it … because you already are … to live it!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and let me know in the comments below what you want to be and what actions you are taking to live it.

Lots of Love,
Sandra … 🙏

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