Mindful10 Daily Meditation #37 Your Inner Child

Here is Mindful10 Daily Meditation #37 Your Inner Child … your 10 minutes of mindfulness daily.

When have you last contacted your Inner Child? You know the one inside of you who likes fun and play; who likes to explore and is curious. When did you last have contact with him or her? When was the last time you had a real belly laugh? Did something totally silly? Let’s face it … there is sadness in us … but there is also this fun and laughter in us … and both want to be lived. Let’s start today.

With this program I want to give you ideas, impulses and my experience for your meditation practise. So you never run out of ideas and impulses to set up your daily mediation practise. One excuse less, so sorry about that … hahahaha … and I hope you like it.

Love, Sandra

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