Why fit in when you are born to stand out

Goooooood Moooooorniiiiiiinggggggg … 

We sometimes so desperately try to fit in … it really hurts at times … we try to camouflage our being different … we fake it till we make it in … and then realise it does not make us happy … we distance ourselves more and more from our true core … from our true self.

For some it takes years to struggle our way back in finding our true selves … but why did we neglect our standing out traits in the first place?

Society? Media? Peers? Parents? … it is easy to play the victim card and blame others … but essentially WE have made that choice.

We so desperately wanted to belong somewhere that we even denied our inner core … and this is when we stopped loving ourselves … this is when we told ourselves we are not enough … we need to be more than the absolutely wonderful and amazing being that we already are.

This is when we stopped loving ourselves.

And only be finding the points of differences … only by celebrating being different … this is when our greatest talents come to light … this is when we find meaning … this is when we start contributing value to this world … this is when we love ourselves again and start being open to other peoples love too …

There is a reason why we are here … every single one of us … and I am sure it is not being mainstream or mediocre … it is because we were all born to stand out.

Have an awesome day … celebrate the differences … by accepting your neighbours differences you start accepting your own … 🥰

Lots of Love, Sandra … 🙏

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