Chakra MasterClass – Video1

You know we have the online Chakra Masterclass coming up soon, next Sunday (March 10).

To make the countdown a bit worth while and because I am creating so much about Chakras at the moment, I thought I do a short Video Series about how to actually deal with challenges of certain Chakras. These techniques have helped me A LOT in the past.

So let’s start with Chakra One – Your Root Chakra.

In the video below I make a very interesting connection between feeling scattered, daydreaming, mind chatter, bumping into things & the Root Chakra


I hope this video, the first of three videos, gave you some insight into the world of Chakras and how you can use it in your daily live.

If you are interested please subscribe to the Chakra Masterclass Event on the 10th of March and you will get the link to my virtual meditation room.

Lots of love, Sandra …   🙏


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