Mindful10 Daily Meditation #31 What is Normality?

Here is Mindful10 Daily Meditation #31 What is Normality? … your 10 minutes of mindfulness daily.

I just came back from a weekend workshop with absolutely amazing women (sorry guys) … it was such a joy … full of healing … full of sharing … and full of releasing … absolutely amazing … and then before we left some women said (kind of) “back to normality” … so why can’t we declare that this wonderful atmosphere of sharing and accepting and not judging and loving is normal? … why do we accept judgement, hate, killing, bullying, manipulation and so on as normality? … I believe we create our reality … so lets create the values we want to see in this world … Enjoy! … 😉

With this program I want to give you ideas, impulses and my experience for your meditation practise. So you never run out of ideas and impulses to set up your daily mediation practise. One excuse less, so sorry about that … hahahaha … and I hope you like it.

Love, Sandra

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