Take back your energy

When you find yourself in a situation that drains you, where you can feel you are loosing your energy, or even your self … make sure you centre yourself … make sure you have a space and some time to just sit and breathe … make sure you ground yourself … for instance by walking barefoot in the sand on the beach … taking a walk in the woods and breathing the clean air very consciously (maby by using the box breathing from session #6) … go to your special place – a garden, a room, your favourite cafe … just treat yourself to a place you can centre yourself and also fill up your energies again …
But, you know, you don’t have to actually, physically go there … you can simply close your eyes and be there … let your breath roam free … in your body … in the room … find a space (physically or in your mind & heart) … and simply be there … immerse yourself in this feeling … you will be there quicker the more you do it … just like with all in life … get used to go to this space and renew your energies … this can be a simple as the bathroom at work … or a walk … or sunglasses outside a cafe …
Create this space, the time and the habit to renew your energy … to feel freedom and abundance … as often as you can … on the commute … in the shower … while stading in line … while being on hold on the phone … be creative … and energise your life … take back control and freedom as often as you can.
And have an awesome time.
Lots of Love from the other side of the planet
Sandra … 😉

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