About presence and awareness

Gooooood Mooooorniiiiinggggg … ;-)
How are you today?
Are you fully present? Or still a bit “meh”?
One of the secrets of success is definitely being in the moment and fully present, so if you are not … get there quick … hahahaha …
But how? You may ask.
Well, having fun can help … a lot … ;-)
So what would be fun right now? What would be something you can treat yourself to right now? Even if it is just a beautiful cup of tea; a phone call with your best friend; the book you have on your shelf about how to get into the here and now the quickest for ages … hahahaha
Laughter gets you into the here and now really quickly.
And so does watching your breath … bring yourself to a place you like and enjoy … and just watch your breath … you can have your earplugs in with nothing on it … so you blend in perfectly … ;-) … or pretend reading a magazine … Meditation Ninja in disguise … I like the idea of it … ;-)
Don’t you think that the colours are so much brighter when you are in the here and now? I do think so.
And most of all, you are more aware of everything around you … of all the nice people … all the opportunities … all the smiles … the nice words … and if you can’t find those … be it …
If you miss hugs – then be the one that hugs.
If you miss smiles – then be the one that smiles.
If you miss nice words and compliments – then be the one who uses nices words and gives compliments.
Always be aware … giving and receiving is the same … it is the same energy … so giving abundance is receiving abundance … giving love is receiving love … every day … every moment …
Go on and try … smile for 60 sec … with no reason … and see how your mood improves … go … try it out … you will be astounded … and you will be in the here and now.
Have a wonderful day
Go out and Start Making Sense
Love, Sandra … ;-)

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