What’s New in May …

Hello you wonderful people …

oh, man, yesterday … what a day … I shot wonderful videos of two Basic Feng Shui sessions for my video course and I was totally hyped about it … and then … yes … then …

I wanted to re-record one of my meditations and there it went … first some sirens went off (or is it on? I am never sure) … then Stefan miraculously decided to vacuum the house (???) … then I finally started recording … and then the dog started barking right in the middle of the silence and Stefan had a sneeze-aton … ok, no recording anymore … sigh … this must be what they call life get’s in the way …. hahahahaha … ;-)

So, what else happened? At the moment we are still in Beachlands house sitting, but soon we will be on our way back to Tauranga, via Tokoroa and Gisborne … yes … Tiki Tour … ;-)

What else is NEW

I was wondering if anybody is interested in a Vision Board Workshop? I seriously think about finally sharing this one with the world. It will be a mixture of meditation, visualization and hands on doing. So you will leave with an actual Vision and the actual Board. Let me know please and I can go ahead with planning.

Whats On in May in Tauranga

Reiki 1 Weekend Workshop on the 12th/13th of May (Early Bird Rate available until 4th of May)

Reiki 2 on personal appointment (Weekends are already filling up)

Reiki Gathering on Tuesday 15th, 7.30pm (Practising Session for Students of all Levels)

Mindfulness Meditation 3x Monday 6pm & 3x Wednesday 7pm from the 14th until 30th, $39 for the 3 sessions, this time you need to RSVP please, we have limited availability and I don’t want anybody who really wants to come to miss out.

And of course I am available for one-on-ones.

One thing I am really interested in is the following question:

What is your most pressing need at the moment?

Stuckness? Sadness? Anger? Frustration? Direction? Vision? Future? Past?

What is it? I would like to hear, as I want to set up newsletters around actual topics for you to practise and also, I am thinking about writing a new course during my 8 weeks in Kuranda … so go ahead and inspire me … ;-)

Which brings me to the next point … our Travel Plans

We will be in Tauranga between 9th of May and 5th of June. Then we head of to a house sit in Melbourne, to celebrate Stefan’s birthday (Manifesting Birthday presents is really fun). Around the 20th of June we will carry on to Kuranda for an 8 week house sit, where we will look after an animal sanctuary (I will share photos, trust me, especially from me and the Wallabies). After that (because we are already ‘half way’ there) we carry on to Germany, where we will have some business to do and lot’s of friends and family waiting for us.

So the plan is to be back in Tauranga around spring time.

Meanwhile … the Academy is growing … I am shooting videos and audios to bring all my courses that I have developed and held over the last 15 years online … lot’s of work … lot’s of new learning … and lot’s of patience necessary … still learning … hahahaha.

Please remember, I am always available via email and Zoom – for one-on-one and via my Monday 8pm online Mindfulness Meditation class (Monthly Membership is now NZ$ 29.50 and includes access to The Library), which will be live from wherever I am during my travel.

And last but not least – your help is needed

If you aren’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Once I have 100 subscribers I will get my very own and unique URL … yeay … and I really would love that to happen … ;-)

Well, that is me … I mean us … for the moment.
I hope you enjoy life as it happens … and don’t forget to let me know about your thoughts right now. We can all learn and grow together … ;-)

In Love and Gratitude,
Sandra & Stefan

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