Changes are coming …

Well, as some of you already know (or heard through the grape vine), there will be some changes in the coming weeks and months to our Meditation practise.

We will move out of our current place at the end of June and will be house sitting in Matua for the month of July. Meditation classes will stay here at the Mount until and including Wednesday June 28th.

From Monday 3rd of July the Casual Drop In Classes (Monday 6.30pm & Tuesday 5.30pm) will be held in Levers Road, Matua. If you are interested, please ask for the number, there will be no advertising. The owner of the house have given me their ok to run classes, but I would like to keep it low key.

The last ‘live & in person’ class will be on Tuesday 25th of July. We then move to another house sit and they are not too keen on having group sessions, which I fully understand. One-on-ones are still going ahead.

In September we will be travelling to Italy and Germany to visit family and on our way back we will be travelling South East Asia.

We have no idea yet, when we will return, it mostly depends on Stefan’s new job / contract. As soon as we know, we will also let you know about our future.

So, you might ask, what happens from here on?
Well, the Monday morning 9.30am group already decided to go online completely. So from Monday 26th this class will run online only. Theoretically you still can pay $15 per session, or $100 for 8 sessions and attend the live session. But, the smarter way is to buy into our new business model, which is to become a member in Sandra’s Meditation Club (a better name is still to be found. If you have a good idea for a name, let me know. The winner gets the first month on the house). For $39 only you get access to the Monday morning live session AND also get a recording of that session. How does that sound to you? These recordings will be accessible for you as long as you are a member.
As from the 31st of July, there will be no more Drop In Classes, but another online only live session Mondays at 8pm. As a member you can also attend these AND also will get access to a recording of that session.
So for the membership of $39 per month you can attend 2 sessions and will have access to 2 new meditations per week, which you can play whenever and how often you want them.  Over the time you will have a range of mediations and can play your favourite ones anytime.
How does that sound?
That makes my house sitting and travelling easier and your access to my meditations easier too.

Please let me know what your thoughts are. I am always open to more input in how to serve you better.

What else has been happening?

So far, the Course for Selfishness is up and running.

The Beta Test for my new course ‘Finding your Path’ was amazing and the feed back was amazing too. I soon will start recording, as it will be an online only course.

Oh, talking about online courses, another bonus: if you are a member, once I start my online courses, you will get discounted access to them.

And of course there is still Meditation Tauranga on YouTube which you are more than welcome to use as often as you like.

The next Reiki Gathering will be on Tuesday 27th of June (at the Mount) at 7.30pm.

There will be a Reiki 2 daycourse on Saturday 22nd of July (10am – 4pm), max 3 people. (or Sunday 23rd)

How are your visualising exercises going? Your perfect day? Your perfect life in 3 years from now? Please keep on using the 6-Phase-Meditation in my YouTube Channel to support it. Have fun playing with it.

I wish you a wonderful week, full of love, miracles, joy and laughter. Make 2017 the best year ever.

In Love and Gratitude,
Meditation Tauranga

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